Beauty Eyebrow & Lash is the perfect place to spoil yourself

For those who are looking for an affordable, safe and high-quality eyebrow waxing, eyelash extensions and facial waxing, Beauty Eyebrow & Lash has superb and professionally trained Beauticians, who are ready to pamper you.

Where We Began

Few years ago, a Japanese beautician walked in Beverly Hills and found a beauty salon. She was very interested on it and came in to the store. She received an eyebrow waxing treatment and an eyelash extensions treatment from the Master and was attracted by its wonderful technique. Then, the Master taught her a simple technique and explained a lot of things over a cup of coffee. She asked the Master whether the Master would like to bring this technique to Japan. Unfortunately, the Master could not do it due her personal medical reason. However, she did not give up. She learnt from the Master, improved the technique and technology for Japanese people and finally, she developed it’s first store in Tokyo, Japan. She received many support from customers and grew bigger with more stores in Japan. In 2018, she opened the First Beauty Eyebrow & Lash store in Jakarta, Indonesia at Puri Indah Mall – a fine beauty salon for Indonesian people.

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